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March 25, 2008

Joao Pessoa - Paraiba


João Pessoa - Paraíba

The paraibana capital is one of the oldest in the Northeast of the Country. João Pessoa, throughout its 400 years, knew how to keep its historic treasures. At Barroco Park – one of the biggest in Brazil – the slopes and the old colonial mansions tell a bit about the journey of this delightful city, which marvels visitors with some of the most beautiful beaches of the Brazilian coastline.

Contrasting with the secular architectural wealth, emerge the modern and sophisticated buildings, giving João Pessoa that business city feel. Big theaters, auditoriums and convention centers are part of the available infrastructure in the city; ready to host the most varied types of events and business meetings.

Joao Pessoa

Off-season Carnival party, gathering many revelers in the month of January.

Passion of Christ
Enactment of Jesus Christ’s steps to the calvary. It happens in open air, at Pedro Américo Square, in the month of March.

The National Arts Festival (FENART) is an event which occurs every year at the José Lins do Rego Cultural Space, usually in the first semester; bringing art from all over Brazil and from many parts of the world to the paraibana capital.

Barra de Mamanguape Beach
The waves are small, because of the reefs. It shelters the headquarters of a project for the protection of the marine manatee.

Campina Beach
There are small dunes and mounts of fine and white sand. Cocount trees embellish all the beach margin. The waves are strong and attract a lot of surfers.

Oiteiro Beach
Also packed with coconut trees and sand mounts, it attracts plenty of surfers to the strong waves waters.

Bessa Beach
Urban beach, with still waters and many coconut trees. The Paraíba Yacht Club is located there.

Manaíra Beach
With many reefs, the waves are small and there are many kiosks to serve visitors.

Tambaú Beach
It is an urban beach, with a promenade and many kiosks. There are regular craft fairs there.

Cabo Branco Beach
Another urbanized beach in João Pessoa, Cabo Branco has a good promenade for sunset walks.

Ponta do Seixas Beach
The easternmost point in South America is there.

Barra do Gramame Beach
Good for bathing, Gramame has still waters and is surrounded by fishermen’s houses.

Barroco Park
It is formed by the colonial mansions scattered around the upper and lower regions of the city. The secular architectural complex represents one of the biggest historic treasures in Brazil. To walk on the stone streets contemplating the colorful mansions takes anyone on a trip into the past of João Pessoa.

Theatro Santa Roza
A building from 1889, this theater was decorated in baroque style. It is one of the oldest theaters in the Country. It is located at Pedro Américo Square. Telephone: +55 (83) 3218-4384.

Redenção Palace
Erected in 1586, Redenção Palace used to be the home of the old Jesuits convent. Today the building is the State Government headquarters.

Cabo Branco Lighthouse
It is located at the easternmost inland point in the Country and allows one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the city; from there all the Ponta do Seixas beach can be seen.

Santa Catarina Fortress
The fortress built in 1586 comprises the captain’s house, a chapel and cannons from the XVI century. It is open for visitors daily, from 8am to 5:30pm and there is staff available for guided visits. Access to the Fortress is made next to the port. It is located at Ponta de Matos beach, municipality of Cabedelo – 25km from João Pessoa.

Saint Francis Church and Saint Anthony Convent
Totally embellished in baroque style, the church and the convent were built in 1589 and 1779, respectively. The highlights are the chapels of the Third Order of Saint Francis and Saint Benedict, featuring Portuguese ceramic panels and sacristy. The spaces also feature, regularly, popular art exhibitions. There are guided visits and opening hours are 9am to noon and 2pm to 5pm, every day. It is located at São Francisco Square.

São Frei Pedro Gonçalves Church
Erected in 1843, the church was restored in 2002 and features the foundations from the old XVII century building. In front of it there are many restored colonial mansions, making a pretty architectural set. The church is open to the public Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm, and on Sundays from 3pm to 6pm. It is located at São

Arruda Câmara Park
This Park is a real oasis amidst the movement in the Center of João Pessoa. Also known as “Bica”, because of an old mineral water fountain, it features a zoo, botanic garden and leisure areas. Arruda Câmara Park is certainly one of the most pleasant trips for visitors, bringing together ecology, education and culture.

Solon de Lucena Park
Located at the commercial center of the paraibana capital, Solon de Lucena Park, also known as “Lagoa”, is filled with centenary imperial palm trees, golden trumpet trees and acacias – the tree symbol of the city. At the center there is a luminous fountain, which on party nights lits this delightful tourist spot in João Pessoa.

Boat trips to Picãozinho
This beautiful place is formed by coral reefs next to the coast. There are natural pools, excellent for bathing during the low tide. It takes 15 minutes by boat to get there.

Crafts and regional products
Paraibano Crafts Market (MAP) – There it is possible to find samples of everything that’s produced through workmanship in all of the State of Paraíba, including foods, such as: curd-cheese and butter-cheese, manioc gum, raw brown sugar block, country honey, among others. The Market is located at Senador Rui Carneiro Avenue, Tambaú.

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