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December 14, 2007

Costa do Sauipe - Bahia


Costa do Sauípe - Bahia - Tourism

The Costa do Sauípe is one of the most well-structured, private, tourist complexes in Brazil. It is located along the coast and includes six pleasant inns and five large, high standard hotels managed by international chains. It sport infrastructure is very diverse and includes professional tennis courts, a gold course and a nautical center. It also has areas geared towards the carrying out of large scale events and conventions.

Costa do Sauipe

Known for its exuberant nature, the Costa do Sauípe is located in an environmental protection area (EPA). Ecological excursions are organized to the woods, the rivers and the beaches for the tourists to get to know the natural beauties. Vila Nova da Praia is an attraction all in itself on the Costa do Sauípe. Its architecture reproduces the typical villages of the state of Bahia on the façades of houses, shops and restaurants. It is possible to learn more about Bahia art and folklore in the musical shows, dances, plastic art exhibits and arts and crafts workshops held there. Food is never a problem in Vila: women selling local delicacies such as beijus (tapioca sweets) and acarajés (spicy bean cakes), restaurants and small bars with their tables on the sidewalks compete for the visitors’ attention. For those who like to buy souvenirs, there are several shops offering from art and craft products to sophisticated jewelry. If needed, there are tents available for the tourist to have massages or even have his/her Tarot cards read.


Barra do Rio Sauípe Beach
With its strong waves and white sand, this beach has sections with reefs that form natural pools that are good for swimming. It is also good for fishing. In the section near the left bank of the Sauípe River, the beach has calm waters and a large strip of sand with several huts with food and drink. A thick mangrove covers the other riverbank.

The area where the Costa do Sauípe is located is one of the most beautiful along the Bahia coastline. Diverse ecosystems live in harmony, creating breathtaking scenery. The fauna along this section is also very privileged, with sea turtles, whales and rare birds.

In the Costa do Sauípe it is possible to have intimate contact with the traditions and customs of Bahia, to get to know the work of up-and-coming artists in exhibits at the hotels, to enjoy the rhythms and dances in cultural workshops and the daily shows at Vila Nova da Praia, to flavor foods and drinks in the typical restaurants and bars, and to even participate in religious manifestations at an Ecumenical Center made for the followers of any faith.

Health and beauty
In the Costa do Sauípe, guests are invited to enjoy several excursion options and physical and aesthetic treatments that re-establish the harmony between body and mind. It is possible to spend pleasant moments practicing yoga or having a special massage. Professionals specialized in techniques such as shiatsu, aromatherapy and thalassotherapy keep the guests relaxed and in good spirits.

From arts and crafts to jewelry, from T-shirts to perfumes, from local delicacies to sporting goods, there are products for every taste in the Costa do Sauípe. The main area for shopping is in Vila Nova da Praia. The rows of little shops offer from souvenirs to imported cigars and beverages. There are also clothing stores, bakeries, and juice stands, not to mention the pro shops at every sport center and the boutiques at the resorts.

Between one excursion and another, it is possible to enjoy the tennis courts, ride the bike lane or run the jogging track, challenge friends to a golf match, take a few hours to go horseback riding, learn a water sport, workout in the fitness centers or just play soccer. Specially trained sport instructors are available for the tourists.

Costa do Sauípe Golf Links
Part of the Costa do Sauípe mega-complex, the Costa do Sauípe Golf Links integrates the offering of 18-hole, par 72, professional golf courses. It was built entirely over the sand dunes of the Bahia coastline, in the middle of native vegetation. This configuration is the reason for the course’s differential. Besides that, almost every hole has a view to the sea.

Five starting tees were built for players at all levels. The course was installed on a 66-hectare area and the project was signed by the internationally renowned, North American JMP Golf Design group. It satisfies all technical demands to be included in the international tournament circuit. The course covers a total area of approximately 6,900 yards, which includes a driving range, with 300 yards for swing practice, and a putting green, with approximately 300 m² of well-worked undulations that recreate the characteristics of the greens on the golf course. A Club House was also installed as a support area for players. It is equipped with a pro shop, a bar and locker rooms. Highway BA 099 Km 76 s/n - Linha Verde - Mata de São João - BA.

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