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March 1, 2008

Humaita - Amazonas


Humaitá - Amazonas

Humaitá is known to sports fishing lovers around Brazil and the world. It stays close to rivers Roosevelt and Madeirinha – effluents of the Amazon River, region considered perfect for ecologically correct fishing.


The city, which gives support to visitors who fish there, is located in the south of the State of Amazonas, on the left margin of the Madeira River Hydroway, in the trunking of two Federal Highways, BR-319 and BR-230.

From there to the State capital, 959 km of travel by water, navigable all year round. Many groups of sports people and adventurers circulate through this waters, ready to explore the region every season.

River Roosevelt Lodge
Located in an unexplored region of the Amazon, surrounded by virgin forest, where Rivers Roosevelt and Madeirinhas meet, at the foot of Santa Rita waterfall. It was designed to offer the ideal conditions for sports fishing. It has a natural beach with 24hr lighting; 6m, 25HP motorboats; thermal box with drinks and chairs for two people; special guides; and a thousand meter landing strip.

Leisure options are many, including ecological trails; boat tours through Igapó (temprarily flooded) forest; bird and animal watching; observatory with 360º vision (approximately 300 m high); outpost at Morcego waterfall with Jatuarana and Matrinchã fishing from November to May; visits to the ice plant, which has a 400 kg/day capacity; and many others.

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