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July 20, 2010

Flights to Brazil - Airports in Brazil


Flights to Brazil - Airports in Brazil

Airports in Aracaju (Sergipe)
Aracaju Airport
Av. Senador Júlio C. Leite s/nº
Aracaju - SE
CEP: 49034-070
PABX: (79) 212-8500
FAX: (79) 212-8535
Distance from Downtown: 12 km

Flights to Brazil TAM

Airports in Belem (Para)
Belém International Airport
Av. Júlio César s/n°
Val de Cans
Belém - PA
CEP: 66115-970
PABX: (91) 210-6000
FAX: (91) 257-1577
Distance from Downtown: 12 km

Currently Belém International Airport serves demand of 2.7 million passengers a year, in a constructed area of 33,255.17 square meters.

Airports in Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais)
Tancredo Neves - Confins International Airport
Lagoa Santa - MG
CEP: 33500-900
PABX: (31) 3689-2700/2019/2130
FAX: (31) 3689-2090
Distance from Downtown: 38 km from Belo Horizonte

Tancredo Neves - Confins International Airport is located in the municipalities of Lagoa Santa and Confins, 38 km from Belo Horizonte, and was opened in January 1984.

Belo Horizonte Airport
Praça Bagatelle 204
Belo Horizonte - MG
CEP: 31270-700
PABX: (31) 3490-2001
FAX: (31) 3490-2155
Distance from Downtown: 9 km

The 4.5-thousand-foot passenger terminal has a restaurant, snack bars, shops selling souvenirs and typical regional items, a newsstand, car rental agencies, bank services, a radio-taxi counter, stores selling imported products and a travel agency.

Airports in Boa Vista (Roraima)
Boa Vista International Airport
Praça Santos Dumont s/nº
Boa Vista - RR
CEP: 69304-000
PABX: (95) 623-9394
FAX: (95) 623-9369 R. 28
Distance from Downtown: 4 km

The airport has capacity to receive 675 thousand passengers a year in total comfort and security.

Airports in Brasilia (Distrito Federal)
Brasília International Airport
Aeroporto Internacional de Brasília s/nº
Brasília - DF
CEP: 71608-900
PABX: (61) 364-9000
FAX: (61) 364-9251
Distance from Downtown: 11 km

Brasília International Airport is the third largest in Brazil in terms of passenger movement. Because of its strategic location it is considered a civil aviation hub for the rest of the country.

Airports in Campo Grande (Mato Grosso do Sul)
Campo Grande International Airport
Av. Duque de Caxias s/nº
Campo Grande - MS
CEP: 79101-901
PABX: (67) 368-6000
FAX: (67) 368-6116
Distance from Downtown: 7 km

As commercial aviation demand grew, it became necessary to widen the civil aircraft apron, which was completed 12 years after its construction. The airport has been administered by Inferaero since 1975.

Airports in Cuiaba (Mato Grosso)
Marechal Rondon International Airport
Rua Gov. Ponce de Arruda s/nº
Jardim Aeroporto
Cuiabá - MT
CEP: 78110-971
PABX: (65) 614-2500
FAX: (65) 682-3977
Distance from Downtown: 10 km

The runway at Marechal Rondon Airport was opened to traffic in 1956. In February 1975, Infraero took over the airport's administration and began various upgrades to meet the needs of the airport complex.

Airports in Curitiba (Parana)
Afonso Pena International Airport
Av. Rocha Pombo s/n°
São José dos Pinhais
Curitiba - PR
CEP: 83010-900
PABX: (41) 3381-1515
FAX: (41) 3381-1127
Distance from Downtown: 18 km

With a constructed area of 45 thousand square meters, Afonso Pena - Curitiba International Airport serves some 3.5 million passengers a year.

Airports in Florianopolis (Santa Catarina)
Florianópolis International Airport
Av. Diomício Freitas 3393
Florianópolis - SC
CEP: 88047-900
PABX: (48) 331-4000
FAX: (48) 331-4111
Distance from Downtown: 12 km

The current passenger terminal has become modest for a city growing as quickly as Florianópolis. For this reason, the city will shortly receive a new airport able to serve 2.7 million passengers a year.

Airports in Fortaleza (Ceara)
Pinto Martins International Airport
Av. Senador Carlos Jereissati 3.000
Bairro Serrinha
Fortaleza - CE
CEP: 60741-900
PABX: (85) 3477-1200
FAX: (85) 3477-1127/3477-1132
Distance from Downtown: 6 km

The passenger terminal at Fortaleza International Airport is totally air conditioned and has four levels. The basement level has parking for 1,000 cars along with automatic teller machines and a stop for regular city buses serving the airport.

Airports in Goiania (Goias)
Goiânia Airport
Praça Capitão Frazão s/nº
Setor Santa Genoveva
Goiânia - GO
CEP: 74672-900
PABX: (62) 265-1500
FAX: (62) 265-1592
Distance from Downtown: 8 km

Modernization work will soon get under way at Goiânia Airport. With nominal yearly capacity of 600 thousand passengers, in 2004 it received 950 thousand. With its new terminal, it will be able to handle up to 2 million users a year.

Airports in Joao Pessoa (Paraiba)
Presidente Castro Pinto International Airport
Aeroporto Int. Pres. Castro Pinto s/nº
João Pessoa - PB
CEP: 58308-000
PABX: (83) 232-1200
FAX: (83) 232 3255
Distance from Downtown: 12 km

Located in the municipality of Bayeux, Presidente Castro Pinto International Airport is currently undergoing expansion and remodeling work, which will raise the terminal's annual capacity to 860 thousand passengers.

Airports in Macapa (Amapa)
Macapá International Airport
Rua Hildemar Maia s/n°
Santa Rita
Macapá - AP
CEP: 68906-490
PABX: (96) 223-4087
FAX: (96) 223-2323
Distance from Downtown: 3 Km

The state of Amapá will soon gain a new airport. Infraero will start work on the new Macapá International Airport, which will have 17 thousand square meters of space to serve 700 thousand passengers a year.

Airports in Maceio (Alagoas)
Maceió International Airport
Rodovia BR 104 km 91
Maceió - AL
CEP: 57110-100
PABX: (82) 214-4000
FAX: (82) 214-4055
Distance from Downtown: 25 km

Maceió - Zumbi dos Palmares Airport is changing for the better. A new passenger terminal is being built and the runway, taxiway and apron areas are being expanded.

Airports in Manaus (Amazonas)
Manaus International Airport
Av. Santos Dumont 1350
Manaus - AM
CEP: 69041-000
PABX: (92) 652-1210
FAX: (92) 652-1366/1169
Distance from Downtown: 14 km

The airport has two passenger terminals, one for scheduled flights and the other for regional aviation. It also has three cargo terminals: Terminal I was opened in 1976, Terminal II in 1980 and Terminal III in 2004.

Airports in Natal (Rio Grande do Norte)
Augusto Severo International Airport
Aeroporto Int. Augusto Severo s/nº
Parnamirim - RN
CEP: 59150-000
PABX: (84) 644-1000
FAX: (84) 644-1280
Distance from Downtown: 18 km

The airport has a total area of 11.3 thousand square meters and capacity for 1.2 million passengers a year.

Airports in Palmas (Tocantins)
Palmas Airport
Arso 41
Palmas - TO
CEP: 70176-070
PABX: (63) 219-3700
FAX: (63) 219-3704
Distance from Downtown: 4 km

Designed with a modern concept of visual communication, the new Palmas Airport Complex contains an Aeroshopping area, a program developed by Infraero aiming to turn Brazil's main airports into true commercial centers with their own brand and identity.

Airports in Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul)
Salgado Filho International Airport
Av. Severo Dulius 90010
Bairro São João
Porto Alegre - RS
CEP: 90200-310
PABX: (51) 3358-2000
FAX: (51) 3358-2549
Distance from Downtown: 10 km

With 37.6 thousand square meters of constructed area and four levels, the passenger terminal at Porto Alegre International Airport can receive 28 large airplanes simultaneously.

Airports in Porto Velho (Rondonia)
Porto Velho International Airport
Av. Jorge Teixeira s/nº
Porto Velho - RO
CEP: 78900-000
PABX: (69) 3025-7400
FAX: (69) 3035-7427
Distance from Downtown: 7 km

The airport is served by 98 scheduled flights weekly, most going to other large Brazilian cities. Scheduled regional routes go to the municipalities of Costa Marques (RO), Lábrea (AM), Manicoré (AM), Cacoal (RO), Jí-Paraná (RO), Vilhena (RO) and Novo Aripuanã (RO).

Airports in Recife (Pernambuco)
Recife International Airport
Av. Mascarenhas de Moraes s/nº
Recife - PE
CEP: 51210-010
PABX: (81) 3464-4000
FAX: (81) 3464-4766
Distance from Downtown: 11 km

The largest airport in the North and Northeast regions, Guararapes had its capacity expanded from 1.5 million to 5 million passengers a year. Now there are 64 check-in counters.

Airports in Rio Branco (Acre)
Rio Branco International Airport
Estrada BR- 364 km 18
Sena Madureira
Rio Branco - AC
CEP: 69914-220
PABX: (68) 211-1003/1110/5479
FAX: (68) 211-1003
Distance from Downtown: 7 km

Rio Branco Airport serves domestic and international flights (by scheduled carriers and air taxi firms) along with general and military aviation. The terminal can receive 270 thousand passengers a year and serves an average of 14 daily operations.

Airports in Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro)
Rio de Janeiro - Galeão International Airport
Av. 20 de Janeiro s/nº
Ilha do Governador
Rio de Janeiro - RJ
CEP: 21942-900
PABX: (21) 3398-5050
FAX: (21) 3393-2288
Distance from Downtown: 20 km

Since August 2004, with the transfer of many flights from Santos-Dumont Airport, Rio de Janeiro International Airport has returned to being the main doorway to Brazil. According to data from the official Brazilian travel bureau, Embratur, nearly 40% of foreign tourists who visit Brazil choose Rio as their gateway, meaning Galeão Airport.

Airports in Brazil

Santos-Dumont Airport
Praça Senador Salgado Filho s/n°
Rio de Janeiro - RJ
CEP: 20021-340
PABX: (21) 3814-7070
FAX: (21) 2533-2218
Distance from Downtown: 1 Km

Located on Guanabara Bay just a few blocks from the heart of downtown Rio, during the 1990s Santos-Dumont began to outgrow its capacity, besides diverging from its specialization on short-hop flights, offering routes to many destinations in Brazil.

Airports in Salvador (Bahia)
Salvador International Airport
Praça Gago Coutinho s/n°
Salvador - BA
CEP: 41520-970
PABX: (71) 204-1010
FAX: (71) 204-1030
Distance from Downtown: 28 km

The airport's use has been growing at an average of 14% a year and now is responsible for more than 30% of passenger movement in Brazil's Northeast.

Airports in Sao Luis (Maranhao)
Marechal Cunha Machado International Airport
Av. dos Libaneses s/nº
São Cristóvão
São Luís - MA
CEP: 65055-710
PABX: (98) 3217-6100
FAX: (98) 245-4457
Distance from Downtown: 15 km

In October 2004 it began receiving international flights, in response to a longstanding request from tour operators in the region.

Airports in Sao Paulo (Sao Paulo)
São Paulo - Guarulhos International Airport
Rod. Hélio Smidt s/nº
Ed. Interlagação
São Paulo - SP
CEP: 07143-970
PABX: (11) 6445-2945
FAX: (11) 6488-8476
Distance from Downtown: 25 km

São Paulo - Guarulhos International Airport is truly a small city in itself. Every day nearly 100 thousand people pass through the airport, which connects Brazil to 28 countries. There are 370 companies established there generating 53 thousand jobs.

Congonhas-São Paulo Airport
Av. Washigton Luís s/nº
São Paulo - SP
CEP: 04695-900
PABX: (11) 5090-9000
FAX: (11) 5531-7718
Distance from Downtown: 8 km

Since August 15, 2004, Congonhas Airport has had a new face. This is when the first step was completed of the upgrade work Infraero has been undertaking at South America's busiest airport.

Airports in Teresina (Piaui)
Teresina Airport
Aeroporto de Teresina s/nº
Bairro Aeroporto
Teresina - PI
CEP: 64006-970
PABX: (86) 225-2947/2600
FAX: (86) 225-2992 R/ 239
Distance from Downtown: 5 km

Opened on September 30, 1967, Teresina Airport has been administered by Infraero since February 3, 1975.

Airports in Vitoria (Espirito Santo)
Vitória Airport
Av. Fernando Ferrari s/nº
Vitória - ES
CEP: 29075-052
PABX: (27) 3083-6350/ 6351
FAX: (27) 3327-8879
Distance from Downtown: 10 km

Since construction of its first step, finished in 1946, Vitória Airport has undergone several expansions and modernizations, but current demand has surpassed its capacity of 560 thousand passengers a year.

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