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December 6, 2007

Cultural Interchange - Education Tourism


Cultural interchange, or education tourism, is a segment specialized in promoting trips with the purpose of participating in programs and activities of interchange, cultural experiences, oriented learning, training or expansion of knowledge on site.

Differently from other nations, Brazil’s potential in the segment of education interchange and tourism is not in the instruction of the language. In addition, although, in many scientific areas of knowledge, the country does indeed hold centers of excellence, its strong point is in fact its cultural and environmental diversity.

There are many lessons to learn in the country. One of the most important is the harmony between the different ethnic groups living together. With a population comprised of Indians, Africans, Portuguese and subsequently, complemented by immigrants from all comers of the planet, Brazil teaches tolerance and respect for different cultures.

Brazil Map

It is also possible to participate in innovative programs of sustainable use of renewable natural resources. In the State of Acre, for instance, many production, management and commercialization projects involving products derived from native plant species have been in development. They are real lessons on how to preserve the environment and the development of a people can go hand-in-hand.

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