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February 5, 2008

Genipabu - Rio Grande do Norte


Genipabu - Rio Grande do Norte

Genipabu Beach, located in the city of Extremoz, State of Rio Grande do Norte, is famous for its giant dunes and the exciting buggy rides, as well as the dromedary it offers.


In Genipabu, it is possible to find beaches with dunes over 30m tall, swamps and lagoons. The passage is composed of many pau-a-piquê and sapê wood houses, which blend with the coconut tress and beaches. Another great local attraction is the Dunas Park, more to the south, with a very diversified fauna and flora, with exclusive Atlantic Forest species.

Buggy Rides
The buggy drivers, professionals accredited by the State Ministry of Tourism to carry out tours, always ask if the visitor wishes for a tour with or without excitement. Those who choose the first, should prepare for 90-degree dives down dunes over 10m tall. The vehicle gets close to the edge of the white sands and instead of stopping, accelerates in free fall. The famous tour is full of fun and guaranteed adrenalin.

Dromedary Tour
The dromedaries do not create the same excitement as the buggies, but they are in the least, the most curious of all tourist options of the Potiguar coast. it lasts about 20 minutes, in which they carry you on the moving dunes while having, on one side, the incredible view of a clear and blue Genipabu beach; and on the other, river Potenti, and other villages of Extremoz city.

The tourist can enjoy the natural view from the North’s beaches in a hang-glider trip that leaves from Genipabu. Just confirm the itinerary in any of the inns, or at the hotel where you are staying. On the tour, you will fly over a series of potiguar coast beaches, contemplating from the sky, the sea’s deep blue and the beautiful white sand beaches, lagoons, and the green of coconut tress.

”Aerobunda” on Jacumã Lagoon
It is located inside of a dune, and it is the delight of kids and adults. By means of a steel cable, you will go down into a huge dune and lands “butt” first on the water. Thus the name. After enjoying this different leisure option, also savor lobster and shrimp sticks found at the kiosks at the top of the dunes. Open daily, until 4:30 AM.

Dunas de Genipabu Ecological Park
Considered the second largest urban park in Brazil. It includes 1,172 hectares of land, and allows for observation of several vegetable and animal species exclusive of the Atlantic Forest. The tour is by trail, accompanied by trained guides. The park also has a jogging track, and stays open for visits from Tuesday to Sunday.

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