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January 11, 2008

Balneario Camboriu - Santa Catarina


Balneario Camboriu - Santa Catarina - Brazilian Cities

The Balneário Camboriú (Camboriú Beach Resort) is located at 84 km (52.20 mi.) from the capital of the state, and it is one of the main centers of tourism in the state of Santa Catarina. The reason is simple, and those who arrive in this town soon discover why. The natural landscapes are gorgeous, the climate is pleasant, and there are attractions everywhere.

Balneario Camboriu 1

The beaches of Camboriú are the town’s main stars. The waters are clean and transparent, simply perfect for swimming. In the summer, the beach resort is the meeting point for surfers, who find there the perfect waves for the practice of the sport, and for naturists, who have in the Pinho Beach (Pine Beach) special isolated areas with full infrastructure and total privacy. Fishing is another activity that is very popular there. The most indicated beaches for swimming are the Taquara beach and the Estaleiro beach. Those who visit the town are also dazzled by the traditional cable car ride, which connects the Central and Laranjeiras beaches. During the descent, which takes around 15 minutes, it is possible to see several beautiful natural landscapes, and also to stop and practice tree-climbing in the areas of Atlantic Forest of the Aguada Hill. There, tourists will find trails and belvederes that offer a full view of the sea. In Camboriú tourists will find more than a hundred hotels and lodges to chose from, ready to meet all tastes and budgets. If the tourists prefer, there is the possibility of staying by the seashore and savoring the local delicacies, made primarily with fish. The nights are also busy in the seashore area of the Central Beach, where most of the local nightclubs, restaurants, and bars are located. There is a wide illuminated pedestrian seashore strip there, which adds even more charm to the night strolls there.

Cristo Luz Monument
Built in 1997, the Cristo Luz monument is 33 meters (108.27 feet) tall and has a very special illumination. In Christ’s left hand there is a light cannon with 86 different shades of light, which color the monument at night. From there, it is possible to have a beautiful view of the Central Beach. The Cristo Luz monument is a group of tourist attractions, with stores and snack bars, ready to serve the visitors.

Balneario Camboriu 2

Cabras Island (Island of the Goats)
Schooners, pedalo boats, and kayaks are the means of transportation for those who want to know the beauty of the Cabras Island (Island of the Goats), one of the main postcards of Balneário Camboriú (Camboriú Beach Resort). It is at 600 meters (1,968.59 feet) from the Central Beach.

Cascata das Sereias (Waterfall of the Mermaids)
The Cascata das Sereias (Waterfall of the Mermaids) is located next to the Rótula das Figueiras (Rotula of the Fig Trees). Lights and waters embrace the mermaids of the monument, which has, in its upper part, a sculpture that symbolizes the sun, the trade mark of the town.

Unipraias Park
With 85 thousand square meters (914,932.39 ft²), the Unipraias Park is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the Balneário Camboriú (Camboriú Beach Resort). Tourists can take a fascinating ride in trolley cars installed in the park, which connect the Laranjeiras and Central beaches. In the Barra Sul station, tourists have many options of restaurants, a shopping mall, and an area for child recreation. On top of the Aguada Hill, the Environmental Park of the Atlantic Forest (Parque Ambiental da Mata Atlântica) offers 500 meters (1.640,42 feet) of ecological trails, three belvederes, bars, a panoramic auditorium and an amphitheater, besides true ecological refuges. The last station takes the visitor to the beautiful Laranjeiras beach.

Beto Carrero World
Another of the town’s great attraction is the Beto Carrero multi-theme park. There visitors can enjoy several rides in amusement parks, islands, and zoos. There are dance shows, as well as staged fights, which attract both adults and children. The beauty and greatness of the rides dazzle the children, in more than 50 different areas.

The Central Beach is the favorite beach for tourists and local in the Balneário Camboriú (Camboriú Beach Resort). The beach is 6.8-km (4.23-mi.) long, with calm clean waters. When there is reflux of the tide, the Central beach becomes the meeting point of the surfers. The infrastructure of the seashore area has bars, restaurants, nightclubs, as well as many of the hotels of the town. At night, the walking strip is fully illuminated, enhancing the beauty of the place.

The calm transparent waters of the Laranjeiras Beach are greatly sought by those who are into water sports. In total, it is 750 meters (2,460.63 feet) long, offering visitors good infrastructure of bars and restaurants. Another great attraction of the beach is the fact that it is located on an archeological site in which three-thousand-year-old fossils were found. It is possible to get there from the Interpraias Park or through cable car.

Do Buraco (Beach of the Hole)
The rough waters of the Buraco Beach attract those who like sports. From there, it is possible to have a beautiful view of the Central Beach, at 3 km (1.86 mi.) from there. Access is gained through ecological trails. The beach is located on the border with the neighboring town of Itajaí.

Do Estaleirinho (Beach of the Little Shipyard)
Visitors will find beautiful vegetation, strong waves, and clean waters composing the landscape of this beach, which is 700 meters (2,296.59-feet) long. There are many hotels and lodges by the seashore.

Do Estaleiro (Beach of the Shipyard)
The clean waters and thick sands of that beach compose the ideal atmosphere for the practice of throw fishing. Its total extension is 1,450 meters (4,757.22 feet).

Do Pinho (Pine Beach)
The Pinho beach has calm limpid waters, in a total extension of 500 meters (1,640.42 feet). It is one of the most sought naturist beaches on the Brazilian coast. There, naturists find camping sites, restaurants, and bars. The area is surrounded by a beautiful coast, covered with vegetation, and under strict supervision.

Taquaras (Bamboo Beach)
The Taquaras beach is the ideal place for the practice of throw fishing, and it is formed by thick sands and calm deep waters. There visitors will also see a small village of fishermen. It is located at 8 km (4.97 mi.) South of the town’s center.

Taquarinhas (Small Bamboo Beach)
Located at 7 km (4.35 mi.) South of the town’s center, the Taquarinhas beach has very clean waters and thick sands. It is greatly sought for the practice of throw fishing.

Balneario Camboriu 3

On the Estaleiro Beach tourists will find many craft stores offering articles from many places in Brazil, such as the scrap cushions from the state of Santa Catarina, and the dolls for the area of the Jequitinhonha River in the state of Minas Gerais, for example.

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I have a question about the weather and the problems with high water in brasilien, balneario camboriu at the moment. Some people from there told me yesterday that many banks and all is closed in the city about problems with high water. Can somebody answer me this question, in the internet I can´t find a solution and answer. Maybe a short email to
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