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February 21, 2010

Camocim - Ceara


Camocim - Ceará

This is the last city on the western coastline of the State of Ceará. Camocim is a centenary city, with an intense cultural life. Its main attraction is Tatajuba, a beach that offers virtually untouched natural beauties and all that “primitive” aspect of a fishermen village. During Carnival, Camocim welcomes thousands of visitors. It is one of the main party points in the State of Ceará. Industry is the village’s main economic activity, followed by fishing and trade. The city’s architecture offers a landscape of old mansion houses and public buildings from the 19th century.

Camocim Ceara


Tatajuba Beach
Located on the western end of the city, between Camocim and Jericoacara, Tatajuba is one of the most beautiful tropical paradises in Brazilian Northeastern region. It is surrounded by white dunes, coconut trees and wide marches. It offers one of the highest dunes in the coastline of Ceará, called Morro Branco (White Cliff). The beach is part of a great environmental protection area (APA). Access is available by buggies or by 4-wheel drive cars.

Coreaú River Estuary
It offers beautiful marsh areas and plenty islands, in an area of around 20 Km, a perfect scenario for boat rides and the practice of water sports. During boat rides visitors can see, between marsh trees, crabs and sea birds, including the beauty of local salt marshes.

Testa Branca Island
Also known as “The Love Island” (Ilha do Amor), it is located right across the city and offers marsh areas, dunes and beautiful beaches. It is much appreciated by swimmers, it is accessible by boat across Coreaú River, and is good for practicing ski on the dunes, for long walks and sea bathing. From the island, visitors have a beautiful view of the city.

Camocim Beach
It is a very beautiful beach, comprising the Coreaú River, plenty of dunes, marshes and small islands along the river.

Barreiras Beach
It offers a panoramic view, from its high sea cliffs, of a wide area on the eastern end of the city. It is located on the mouth of Coreaú River, 2 km away from downtown.

Farol do Trapiá Beach
At a distance of 2 km from Barreiras beach, it offers a beach stand with full infrastructure, including restaurant serving typical food, especially seafood.

Maceió Beach
It is 15 km away from downtown Camocim, towards Seco Lake. This beach is the seat of a town called Vila de Pescadores (Fishermen Village), with beautiful coconut tree plantations, summerhouses and a wide beach with sea-beaten sand. Recently, bars, restaurants and booths have been opened, and tourists flock to Maceió beach in growing numbers.

Caraúbas Beach
Completely “virgin”, located between Farol do Trapiá and Maceió beaches, it offers a special landscape for lovers of Eco-tourism.

Barrinha Beach
It is 21 km away from Camocim. It offers white and reddish sands, which render to it a special look. Only 23 fishermen live there, in houses surrounded by a huge coconut trees plantation. Access is available by buggy or 4-wheel drive cars, departing from Maceió beach.

Imburanas Beach
It is considered a very good area for the development of ecological tourism, being completely “virgin”. It is located between Camocim and Tatajuba. Access is available by boat or ferry.

The Old Railway Station Building
A historical building which today hosts the local headquarters of Sebrae (a government development agency) and an advanced Campus of the State University of Vale do Acaraú – UVA. It was built in 1881.

Camocim Matrix Church
It was built at last century’s start, by the same engineer who designed the local railway, Engineer Privat.

José Severiano Morel Square
The City Administration building is located on this square.

Boa Vista Resort and Conference Center
It the newest and most modern Resort in Brazilian Northeastern coast, designed to comply with current trends and requirements of international tourism. Located on Barreiras Beach, 2 km away from the historical downtown area of Camocim, it is surrounded by wild and desert beaches.

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