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October 12, 2008

Rio Grande do Norte - Opportunities in Tourism


Rio Grande do Norte - Opportunities in Tourism

Rio Grande do Norte is one of the main tourism destinations in Brazil. The State receives more than one million visitors a year, most of them are Brazilians and Europeans tourists who come to Natal on 14 charter flights, attracted by the beautiful beaches with dunes and clear waters, warmed by the almost all year long and by the heavenly scenery and biodiversity.

Map Rio Grande do Norte

Along the 410 km coast, there are more 140 beaches, some of them internationally famous, e.g. Ponta Negra, Pipa and Genipabu. Along the entire coast in the State, there are places proper to the development of big projects such as hotel, real estate for second home, resorts, golf courses, etc. These projects are being planned and some are being implemented by foreigners, mostly Europeans.

Handcraft, regional cuisine and other cultural manifestations also amaze visitors, who are unanimous to declare, as they leave the State that they intend to return here and that they will recommended it to their relatives and friends.

The increase in the number of visitors and the expansion of tourism demand more services, attractions and accommodations. Aiming that market, Rio Grande do Norte is investing in ecologic and religious tourism as well as adventure tourism in the country side of the State – which stages several landscapes like semi-arid, sertão (backland), agreste (typical northeastern forest), hills, architectural monuments and baroque style sacred images – as well as business, educational and event tourism. A great opportunity for those who seek to combine work with quality of life, investing in one of the most beautiful and promising tourism poles in Brazil.

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