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May 13, 2008

Maragogi - Alagoas


Maragogi - Alagoas

Main destination in the State of Alagoas after its capital city, Maragogi attracts visitors from Maceió and Recife. It offers calm-wave beaches, coral reefs and a huge natural pool known as Galés. From Japaratinga beach, on the southern tip, a ferryboat crosses Manguaba River into Porto das Pedras, where visitors find virtually deserted beaches.


Maragogi was initially a small village called Gamela. In 1887, it was granted the status of a Town and adopted the name of Isabel, to honor the Brazilian Princess who signed a law ending slavery in Brazil. Later on, in 1892, it was named as Maragogi after the river that baths the city. “Maragogi”, according to some historians, comes from “Marahub-gy”, or river of the Marauba tribes.

The city has a tropical, hot and humid weather, with annual average temperatures of 27ºC.

City facts
State: Alagoas
Region: Northeastern
Population: 21,832 inhabitants

Maceió: 144 km
Recife: 134 km

The Salinas Maragogi Resort
Planned to ensure comfort and functionality, Salinas was designed to integrate with local landscape, offering the sensation of a close and intimate contact with nature.

Santo Antônio Bar
Besides visiting its beaches, tourists can also go on tours and swim in natural pools, and go to Croa Island, separated from the continent by Santo Antônio Grande River. Being 5 km long, the island offers a landscape of coconut trees, white sand, coral reefs and reef banks. Access is available by ferry crossing Santo Antonio Grande River.

Maragogi Beach
Beaches in Maragogi have calm waters, without strong waves, with coral reefs and fine sands. During low tide, sand banks emerge forming natural pools, known as Croas (5 km away from the coast) and Galés (6 km away). “Jangadas” (sailing boats typical of Northern Brazil) and boats can take tourists to these pools. On the beach’s southern tip, between Vila de Japaratinga and Pontal, visitors find the less urbanized beaches with 20-m high sea cliffs. Visitors can also go on a boat ride to coral reefs 6 km away from the coast. Maragogi beach is near Maragogi River, with calm waves, fine and flat sands and coral reefs.

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