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May 5, 2008

Itapema - Santa Catarina


Itapema - Santa Catarina

Itapema is located in a bay surrounded by the ramifications of the Serra do Mar (Sea Mountain Ridge) and offers the visitors ecological adventures, such as trails through the native vegetation, fountains of river, and waterfalls. Hills and wild coasts without any inlets also provide beautiful views of the seafront.


The third most sought tourist destination by vacationers in the State, Itapema offers a mix of nature and urban infrastructure that marvels those who come to this town. There are almost 15km (9.32 mi.) of seafront, with beaches of clear green gentle waters, perfect for children.

Among the waterfalls, a special mention has to be made to the Sertão fall, located in the Feijó hill, and the São Paulinho fall, in the district of Várzea. In the Serra dos Macacos (Monkeys mountain ridge), in the district of Alto Areal, there are also beautiful waterfalls, from which the Manarick fall is the most famous one. Nature is also present in the ecological trails that cut the Serra do Mar (Sea Mountain Ridge), where ecotourism lovers have the option of taking hikes or going for motorcycle or jeep tours.

If the visitor prefers enjoying a panoramic view of the town, the perfect places are the Morro do Cabeço (Cabeço Hill) and the Costão (Wild coast). The latter is one of the most beautiful places in Itapema. There we can walk on the rocks, while admiring the border and listening to the sound of the rough waves breaking on the rocks.

Sporting and cultural events make Itapema a very lively destination, attracting different types of participants and public throughout the year. Every year, more than 100 pilots and thousands of fans accompany the Santa Catarina State stage of the National motocross championship in that town. The town also receives Jetski championships, as well as folkloric festivals, with dances and music that are typical of the state of Santa Catarina.

Ilhota (Islet Beach)
Next to the BR-101 highway, that beach has crystal clear waters and many rocks and boulders. It is the ideal place for getting a Sun tan or cooling off in the waters.

That is the beach that is used by the Plaza Resort Itapema, one of the most expressive hotels in the state. There, on the days when the sea is rougher, we find great waves, ideal for surfing. On the days when the sea is calm, the best thing to do is to enjoy the hikes.

In a privileged location, the area marvels those coming from the Canto da Praia (Costão). The union of the Atlantic forest with the sea and the boulders of the Costão provides quite a unique sight. It is a good area for fishing, hiking, or simply to enjoy nature.

Canto da Praia (Beach’s Corner)
Also known as the Costão, that is one of the most beautiful, and most visited, places in Itapema. The place has the calm atmosphere of a fishermen’s village, attracting tourists because of its beautiful landscapes, surrounded by the Atlantic forest. In the summer, visitors can take boat tours in the Itapema bay, taste the seafood dishes in the bars and restaurants located near the shore, dive among the fish, or simply go fishing.

That beach has both good tourist infrastructure – with hotels, lodges, restaurants, and bars – and a host of water sport activities, such as jet skiing and banana-boat rides. The beach also offers an area for sports activities and events, and a coastal avenue.

Meia Praia (Half Beach)
It is the busiest beach in Itapema. It is a meeting pointing and flirting for tourists from many places, with seashore bars, sports activities on the beach or in the water, and a beautiful view of the Santa Catarina Sea.

Besides beautiful beaches, in Itapema there is a host of breathtaking waterfalls. There we can take hikes, buy typical products of the area, go rock climbing, and take part in many other activities, always with a focus on the preservation of the environment. Among the most visited waterfalls, a special mention has to be made to the Sertão fall, located in the Feijó hill, and the São Paulinho fall, in the São Paulo hill, in the district of Várzea. In the Serra dos Macacos (Monkeys mountain ridge), in the district of Alto Areal, the most famous waterfall is the Manarick fall.

Morro da Guarita (Gate House Hill)
With a height of 200 meters (656.17 ft.) and many trails for ecotourism hikes, the hill offers the visitor a unique view of the area, as well as of the neighboring towns. In the ascent, we can see many species of the local fauna and flora, which are typical from the area of the State of Santa Catarina.

Ecological Trails
Pleasant places for the lovers of ecotourism, trails that cut the Serra do Mar (Sea Mountain Ridge) can be used for hikes, or motorcycle or jeep rides.

Pedra que Bole (Rolling Boulder)
Located at 3km from the town's center, it is a boulder that moves at the impact of the waters of the sea.

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