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April 27, 2008

Buzios - Rio de Janeiro


Búzios - Rio de Janeiro

Located in the North coast of Rio Janeiro State, Búzios (Armação dos Búzios) was originally a small fishermen village. In the past, Tamoios native tribe used to live there, and later French pirates. It had the visit of French artist Brigitte Bardot in the 60s, and got famous all over the world. Today, it is one of the most sophisticated places of the country, offering very high quality services to meet the most demanding preferences of both national and international visitors. It has about 20 beaches of incomparable beauty and offers historical, cultural tours, as well as ecotours. It’s an excellent place to practice diving, and perfect for those searching for peace along the day and an exciting night life.


Búzios Jazz e Blues
Annual festival held in July, bringing news and tendencies in jazz and blues.

João Fernandinho Beach
Small beach of calm and transparent water. Access through João Fernandes Beach, where the visitor can eat lobsters and fishes from the region at its various bars.

Brava Beach
As the name implies, the beach has strong waves most part of the year, always attracting surfers. At the right side, a track takes to Olho de Boi Beach, a naturist beach.

Tartaruga Beach
It can be accessed through an unpaved road that starts at the main road of Búzios, a little before Ferradura Traffic Circle. The beach has calm water and usually the warmest water of the region, because it doesn’t receive the cold currents from Antarctic. It has several kiosks and good places to practice snorkeling.

Geribá Beach
Geribá is a place of beautiful and tanned people, who love exciting nightlife. This is the right place to know about the parties that will happen at night. The beach has waves in almost all of its extension, except at the left side, where the visitor will find a track to easily access Ferradurinha Beach.

Canto Beach
It’s a beach with warm water, that frequently receives winds from the East. Its right side is the scenery of several restaurants on Rua das Pedras and its left side, walking on the stones, the visitor can access two other small beaches: Amores and Virgens.

Armação Beach
Situated along Rua das Pedras and Bardot Border. Most of it has no sand. Highlights are Caboclo Island and the pier, where tourists from several transatlantic ships come to the city during summer. Two sculptures, both made of bronze, are the attractions – one honors Brigitte Bardot and one honors the fishermen.

Ossos Beach
According to local stories, it got this name (Bones) due to bones of whales that were found on the sand. It’s full of small fishing boats and has trees along its border, a post card landscape. Don’t miss Santana Church and Búzios Yacht Club, located on the left side of the beach. On the opposite side, there’s a track that leads to Azeda Beach. It’s a fantastic place to take pictures and rides.

Rasa Beach
One of the largest beaches of Búzios. It has warm water, lacking physical depth, and the wind blows constantly almost all the year, attracting boaters. With several summer houses and guest houses, the beach, besides its beauty, is perfect for children, to walk and feel like in direct contact with the nature.

Azeda Beach
Azeda and Azedinha Beaches are two of the most beautiful beaches of Brazil. The area recently became an Environmental Protection Area (APA), and all kiosks and bars were taken away from there. It has calm and transparent water. It can be accessed via “aqua-taxi” or walking through a small track, both from Ossos Beach.

Manguinhos Beach
In fact, Manguinhos is a continuation of Rasa Beach. It has sail clubs, such as Búzios Sail Club and Yucas. It’s excellent to practice nautical sports and go for a walk. At sunset, the visitor can enjoy a fantastic view.

Ferradurinha Beach
Surrounded by beautiful hills, the beach is an attractive bay of calm water and fine and white sand. The access is through the left side of Geribá Beach.

Ferradura Beach
This is a bay with always warm and transparent water. From the left side of the beach, several bars offer complete structure, serving the most delicious seafood. It has a windsurf, banana boat and water ski school and rental shop. Its water is usually very cold.

Its privileged marine fauna in transparent water makes Búzios a real aquarium. The city has several diving agencies that take the visitors who are interested in diving to be in contact with the submarine world.

Búzios Golf Club
Búzios Golf Club is a field with first-level 18 holes. The field was designed by renowned architects Pete and Perry Dye, and attracts players from all over the world. Considered as one of the best fields in Latin America, the field was designed in such way to incorporate the value the geographical accidents of the terrain, the surrounding nature and topography, in order to offer the highest possible level of comfort to the players.

Sailing in Búzios
Búzios is a paradise to boaters. International competitions are frequently held in the city, where strong and constant winds blow. Famous Brazilian champions, such as Lars Grael usually practice sailing in the waters of Armação dos Búzios.

Rua das Pedras
This street is a little longer than 400 meters, but it’s charming from the beginning to its end. If it wasn’t for it, Búzios for sure wouldn’t be the same. Full of restaurants, bars, shops and art galleries, the street is the city’s center of happenings. It’s empty during the day, just getting prepared for its excited nightlife.

Casa do Sino (Bell House)
This is an example of a typical local construction from centuries ago, which can still be seen and admired.

Sant’Ana Church
Protected as a historical patrimony, Sant’Ana Church is one of the city’s attractions. Its architecture from the 16th Century is the city’s first Christian reference. From the top of its tower, the visitor can see Ossos Beach, a wonderful view.

Surrounded by hills and mounts with exuberant vegetation, Búzios is a place where the visitors can still enjoy the nature safely. At Emerências Reserve, the visitor will find the purest vegetation of the Atlantic Woods, with exotic plants, bromelias and even the last golden monkeys of the region.

At Tauá Reserve there are over 300 species of butterfly and 60 types of birds. In addition, Búzios has now in its territory two Environmental Protection Areas (APA), a program that preserves the natural richness of the region. One of them, APA Pau-Brasil, includes an ample area from Tucuns Beach, in Búzios, to the city of Cabo Frio. It’s the largest and most important reserve of pau-brasil in Rio de Janeiro State.

Olho de Boi Beach, 50 meters of absolutely virgin beach, attracts the naturists, which turned it into their meeting point in Búzios.

Papier-mache sculptures
Colorful pieces by Ivone R. exposed at the studio and on the sidewalk in front of her house. Schedule visit in advance. Location: Travessa de Santana, 32 – Armação Beach.

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