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August 14, 2008

Brazilian Beach Volleyball


Brazilian Beach Volleyball

Playing volleyball on the beach is something that has been around since the 40’s and 50’s, in countries of vast coastal regions such as Brazil. Beach volleyball gained strength in Brazil as of 1985, when it began to host regional and national championships. Today, national doubles in both the male and female categories, are among the world’s finest.

Brazilian Beach Volleyball

Beach Volley is quite strong in the State of Rio de Janeiro and the Northeast. The main tournament of the modality is the Brazilian Beach Volley Circuit of Banco do Brasil. It is comprised of 16 stages, taking place in the coastal cities, and even the inland center of Brazil, in improvised arenas, but with real sand.

Many beaches have courts erected for the practice of the sport. In them, it is possible to find professionals training, instructors giving lessons and hints on the game to students of many ages.

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