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January 27, 2008

Blumenau - Santa Catarina


Blumenau - Santa Catarina - Brazilian Cities

The Santa Catarina city that concentrates one of the largest textile industrial poles in the country also enjoys parties and ecotourism. Home of the famous Oktoberfest, Blumenau is located in the northeast of the State of Santa Catarina, and makes a point of keeping all traditions and heritages left behind by its colonizers from Europe. The hospitable spirit that hovers in the air of the German city call the attention of any visitor, whether national or international.


The German influence in the architecture, which maintains countless mud hut homes, blends in, without losing any of its luster, with the modern buildings which have gained space over time. The typical cuisine is also very present and guarantees delicious moments of pleasure for those who enjoy the new. Just by walking the streets, you can see the importance given to the preservation of the environment.

There are mountains and hills covered in green, giving the city a special touch. This ecotourist side awakens the interest of those who enjoy horseback riding, always present in the outings on rural properties around the city. That is Blumenau, a permanent invitation for pleasure.

The Catarinense Mountains is a valuable component for the State’s rich natural scenery. The scenery is comprised of hills, mountains, foothills and fields, lakes, and springs of crystal clear water. Centuries old Brazilian pines complete the beautiful picture in all its glory. Dozens of rural properties, some from last century, located throughout the region, offer excellent infrastructure and a broad list of healthy and different options from the routines found in the city. Horseback riding is one of the most sought after of these options.

Oktoberfest - Blumenau to the Rhythm of Polka, Draft Beer and Joy
The largest German party in the country was held for the first time in 1984. The event makes Blumenau the main tourist destination in the State of Santa Catarina in the month of October. It is a fun party where everyone can calmly enjoy a good draft beer and excellent typical German food to the sound of the best bands in the region.

Carlos Gomes Theater and Mother Church
Historical constructions preserved by time that tell a small part of the city’s history. Both are on XV de Novembro Street.

Crystal Museum
Inaugurated in 1997 to show the history of crystal, the production of raw material, pots and tools, processing (painting, polishing, silk-screening) design and art. It is on Rudolf Roedel Street, 147, in the Salto Weissbach District.

Beer Museum – Beer Garden
Exhibits instruments used in beer manufacturing, which is so appreciated in the region. It is located on Hercílio Luz Square.

Colonial Family Museum
Located in a construction from 1864, it exposes objects and belongings from the city’s founder and one of the first German immigrants to arrive in the city. It is next to the Botanical Garden, on an area measuring four thousand square meters, with century-old trees. It is located at Alameda Duque de Caxias, 78.

Holy Spirit Church
This is a gothic style temple built in 1877.

Dr. Fritz Muller Ecological Museum
This is the 1867 house where the scientist lived. It is currently home to his objects and one of the largest collections of insects in the world. It is at Rua Itajaí, 2195.

Vila Itoupava
This village is located 25 km (15.5 mi) from downtown and it preserves authentic aspects of German colonization. Most of its seven thousand inhabitants dominate their language of origin and they maintain their German style homes with flower beds, gardens and well-cared for grass yards. It is also possible to find excellent home-made liqueurs.

Clothes, bed, table and bath articles; and Crystals
As home to one of the largest textile poles in the country, Blumenau has countless stores where the knitwear and top quality bed, table and bath articles are offered at very inviting prices. The crystals are also part of the itinerary, especially due to the good prices that attract a large number of buyers every year.

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