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June 12, 2008

Matinhos - Parana


Matinhos - Paraná

The town of Matinhos is located on the coast of the state of Paraná, at 110 km (68.35 mi.) from the state’s capital, Curitiba. Along its coast there are 36 resorts, the first one being at the Jardim Monções Beach Resort, where we have the border between the towns of Matinhos and Pontal do Paraná, and the go up to the famous Caiobá Beach Resort. In total, there are approximately 17 km (10.56 mi.) of beaches.


Within the limits of the town there are also nine different rivers: the Draga, Matinhos, Onça, Canal da Lagoa Amarela (Yellow Pond Canal), Indaial, Novo, Cambará, Meio, and Cachoeirinha rivers. In the town there are also the Cabaraquara, Escalvado, Canela, Bico Torto, Taguá, Pedra Branca, Batatal, and Boi (Ox) hills. All of the mare excellent places for those who enjoy spending time in direct contact with nature.

The Caiobá Beach Resort is among the most sought attractions in Matinhos. There, among its mane beaches, the Mansa, Bela, Brava, and dos Amores beaches are the most favored by tourists, having beautiful landscapes and allowing delicious sea baths. The Tartaruga or Farol Island (Turtle or Lighthouse Island) are also greatly appreciated by the visitors. To complete the tour, a great option is paying a visit to the João José Bigarella Ecological Museum, located in the town’s center and having in its collection many samples and collections of corals, minerals, crustaceans and shells, besides other rarer items. In case there is any energy left, the tip is paying a visit to the Rio da Onça State Park, where tourists will find a Visitor’s Center and trails of easy access, amidst formations of sandbanks, coppices, and caxetais (patches of growths of bigonisceous trees).

The climate of the area is the temperate super-humid. The annual average temperature is around 18°C (64.40°F), with average highs around 26°C (78.80°F), and average lows around 15°C (59°F).

Águas-Claras Water Park
Located on the Alexandra-Matinhos highway – at about kilometer 20 (12.43 mi.) – the Águas-Claras Water Park has an excellent leisure structure. There, visitors find beautiful fishing lakes, waterslides, rapids swimming pool with buoys, infantile water park, sports courts, barbecue grills, snack bars, restaurant, souvenir stores, and ice-cream parlor. The place offers adequate structure for walking, trekking, and hiking.

Igrejinha de São Pedro (Small Church of Saint Peter)
A construction built between the years of 1938 and 1944, it housed the Mother Church of São Pedro (Saint Peter) for many years. It is the only historical site that pays homage to the town's past. In 1987 it became listed as a landmark by the Institute for the Historical and Artistic Patrimony of the State of Paraná.

São Pedro Mother Church (Mother Church of Saint Peter)
Church of simple architectural lines, located in the town’s center. It was built to accommodate the growing number of followers that used to attend masses and go to the Igrejinha de São Pedro, the old Mother Church.

João José Bigarella Ecological Museum
It is located in the town’s center. In its collection it has many samples and collections of corals, minerals, crustaceans and shells, besides other rarer items.

Rio da Onça State Park
It is located near the Riviera and Praia Grande Beach Resorts. With an area of 118.5 hectares (292.82 acres), it shelters rich samples of fauna and flora, playing an important role in the preservation of the coastal ecosystem. The Park has a Visitor’s Center and trails of easy access, amidst formations of sandbanks, coppices, and caxetais (patches of growths of bigonisceous trees).

Boi Hill (Ox Hill)
It has approximately 160 meters (524.93 feet) of height and trails that take to the sea; it is an excellent place for fishing, technical climbing, parasailing, and hiking.

Escalvado Hill
With 260 meters (853.02 feet) of height, it is also known as the Cruz Hill (Hill of the Cross) It has accesses by trails and, in cloudless sunny days, from there it is possible to have a beautiful view of almost all beaches and towns of the area. The trails take visitor from the Bela Beach to the other side of the Costão (Wild Coast), where the open sea provides good places for the practice of the fishing. The place is also adequate for the practice of action sports such as rappel, technical climbing, and parasailing.

Tartarugas or Farol Islands (Turtles or Lighthouse Islands)
It is connected to the Amores Beach by an isthmus of natural rocks. It is small, and covered with rich flora. It gained that name because of the lighthouse that exists in the place, which guides the fishing boats that enter the Guaratuba Bay. It is an excellent place for fishing, hiking, and diving.

Mirante das Pedras (Belvedere of the Rocks)
It is one of the main tourist attractions of the town of Matinhos and it is located between the Brava and Mansa beaches. It is a hill amongst rocks and stones, washed by the sea. It is one of the best places for surfing on the coast of the state of Paraná.

Brava Beach
It is located in a bay of shallow and somewhat rough waters, surrounded by a yard and some vegetation. In one of its ends we find the Boi Hill, and in the other, the Matinhos Rock. It is there that the surf championships are organized. In total, this beach stretches over a span of 3,500 meters (11,482.94 feet).

Mansa Beach
It is also located in a bay, at the entrance of the Guaratuba Bay, having very calm and somewhat deep waters, besides a beautiful yard surrounding it. It is approximately 1,500 meters (4,921.26 feet) long. From there, it is possible to reach the Bela Beach or the Prainha do Farol (Small Beach of the Lighthouse) and the Tartarugas Island.

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