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August 25, 2007

Why travel to Brazil?


Why travel to Brazil?

Because it is very easy to get here

Brazil is served by most international airlines. There are dozens of daily flights, full of tourists coming from every corner of the world. Those who most frequently seek out our country for their vacations are the Argentines, the North Americans and the Germans. However, with the expansion in the number of international airlines also operating here, visitors from other countries are also getting interested in visiting us, according to recent surveys. These include Uruguay, Portugal, France, Italy, and most of our neighboring countries in Latin America.

Brazil Flag

This increased international interest in Brazil can be observed through the numbers recorded in the first quarter of 2005, which point to the arrival of approximately 137 thousand foreign tourists on charter flights. This represents a growth of 35.46% in comparison to the same period the previous year. Data from Infraero (Brazilian Company for Airport Infrastructure) show that in March 2005, this percentage increase was even greater, reaching 43.03% - 37,410 tourists, compared to 25,966 in March of last year.

According to Infraero, this trend in the growth of the number of charter flights can also be seen in some regions of the country, especially Rio de Janeiro. This makes it even easier to go from the large Brazilian cities to any state in the country. And this air infrastructure does not stop growing. In 2004 alone, 8 expansion jobs were completed, not to mention the constant modernization of older airports throughout the entire country.

Because Brazil is exuberant by nature

In Brazil, exuberance is everywhere. You find it in the immensity of the desert-like sands of the Lençóis Maranhenses and in the seven thousand kilometers of coastline. In the rivers so wide they look like seas. In the Amazon Forest, the largest on the planet. In the 250 thousand square kilometers of Mato Grosso swamplands, the impressive nature reserve, a Heritage of Humanity.

Beauty also reigns in the 44 national parks that preserve the ecosystem. In the long rows of coconut trees that line the sea of Alagoas. In the Chapada Diamantina, in Bahia, and in Pico de Itatiaia, in Rio de Janeiro. In the archaeological sites in Piauí. In the sunsets of Brasília and in the pampas of Rio Grande do Sul. In the impressive mountains of Minas Gerais and the amazing pororoca, the strange and noisy meeting of waters in the States of Amapá and Pará. Everywhere you look, there are plenty of reasons to become enchanted, to become emotional, and why not say, to fall in love with Brazil.

Because in Brazil you will find people from every corner of the world

One of the most remarkable characteristics about the Brazilian is the generous, compassionate spirit, with its good, irreverent humor. When you add this temperament to a country with such an enormous territorial expansion, you come up with a land where there is always room for one more. A land that has received thousands of immigrants searching for a new world with open arms, where they could build or restart their lives and bet on the future.

Map Brazil

They came from every corner: Portuguese, Italians, Japanese, Spaniards, Germans, Africans, Arabs, Koreans, Chinese, Poles, etc. And they brought with them new habits, traditions and customs that integrated with our culture with surprising harmony. Today, we find them in hundreds of entities, associations, clubs and churches; in the celebration of special dates from their countries of origin, in districts and even in typical cities. They have made Brazil even richer and more fascinating by assimilating new features, new looks and new sentiments.

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