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November 27, 2008

Brazilian Tourism - Social and Environmental Impacts


Brazilian Tourism - Social and Environmental Impacts

Brazil’s potential for leisure and tourism based, among other factors, on its magnificent landscapes, pleasant climates, and rich biodiversity, has only recently begun to develop destinations for international travelers and domestic holidaymakers.

Though tourism has ample scope for expansion in Brazil, to a great extent the prospects of this sector are dependent upon water resources, and many of its activities could be severely jeopardized by damage to the quality and quantity of these resources.

Brazil Flag

As the Brazilian people become increasingly aware of environmental issues, eco-tourism particularly has gained ground, as well as fishing trips, and travel reflecting rising interest in scientific and technological themes. In this specialized travel and tourism segment, Brazil is host to increasing numbers of foreign visitors, attracted mainly to unique areas such as the Pantanal wetlands and Amazonia.

However, this type of tourism requires special attention, in view of its potential impacts on the environment and local communities. This requires policies that foster activities aimed at promoting sustainable social and environmental practices.

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